The Brunner is the smallest of the pouter family. Originating in Czechoslovakia it is very
fine boned, has a delightful personality, can be bred in a wide variety of colors, and is
clean legged. The globe (inflated crop) should be round on the Brunner giving nearly the
appearance of a ball on a stick. The great difficulty in breeding Brunners is keeping the
bulk of the bird fine boned while attaining the round globe. Brunners are very popular in
Germany and, as a result of this popularity, have achieved a high level of quality in that
country. The undisputed Master Breeder of Brunner Pouters was Eugen Krampen of
Germany who recently passed away at over 90 years of age! His white Brunners set the
standard for other breeders to follow and his bloodline continues to be bred throughout the
Various Colors Found in Brunner Pouters
A wonderful drawing by the German artist Jakob Relovsky. This
idealized piece of artwork exaggerates the overall slenderness of
the bird while emphasizing the round globe. The excellent color is
extremely difficult to breed and reserved for those who really like a
Another Relovsky drawing showing the idealized type. Stork
marked Brunners are the result of breeding tigered birds together.
There are some excellent stork marked Brunners which come in
black, red, and yellow.
A black from Germany bred by Fritz Kleine. Nice color and globe
Brunner Pouters are found in a wide variety of beautiful colors
including those often associated with Color Pigeons. White bars in
blue, black, red, yellow, and isabel provide a most attractive
palette of available colors. This blue white bar was bred by Beals
and Gardner.
Another blue white bar bred by Layne Gardner and Jay Beals. This
bird was best white bar at the 2003 Pageant of Pigeons.
A blue white bar young hen bred by Layne Gardner and Jay Beals.
A nice photo of the Master of White Brunner Pouters Eugen
Krampen in his loft.
A wonderful example of a white Brunner Pouter.
A fine black Brunner bred by Tim Burke of Iowa City, Iowa. Tim has
some of the finest Brunners in the U.S. and took most of the top
honors at the recent Grand National in San Bernardino, California.
This lovely bird was the most recent champion at the Des Moines
Show. This show is known for its quality pouters and croppers so
this is a notable accomplishment.
Another fine Brunner bred by Tim Burke.
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Brunner Pouter
(Brünner Kröpfer)